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Article: Naoko Sasagawa

Naoko Sasagawa

Organizer who made collaboration with Hajime Sorayama possible

Sasakawa, who has planned and sold the natural hair care brand “uruotte” since 2005, has been striving to create products that combine natural and extremely simple care with functionality.
We collaborate with artists who are active in the world's art and design scene because we want you to feel art in your daily life. In the 2020 renewal, we have completed a bottle that expresses the beautiful four seasons of Japan and the “transition of nature”. Each bottle is sprayed with a message of diversity, which is to perceive the unevenness of the paint, which is not allowed in mass-produced products, as individuality.

On the other hand, privately, he has been fascinated by contemporary art since the 1980s, and has deepened exchanges with many artists due to his love of art. In 2023, when we celebrate our 18th anniversary as a sustainable, natural hair care brand, we will finally create innovative products in collaboration with world-famous artist Hajime Sorayama.

Encounter with art, so far
It's been over 30 years since I bought my first art work at the age of 20 when I was an office worker.
On weekends, I visit museums and galleries, interact with artists and fellow art lovers, and sometimes travel to overseas art fairs. Art has made my life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

My encounter with Mr. Sorayama also started at the gallery.
Inspired by his attitude of earnestly facing his creations and his attitude of constantly breaking preconceived notions and taking on new challenges, I will continue to take on bold ideas and challenges! I am encouraged.

I am truly happy that my long-cherished wish has been fulfilled, and that I can propose a new worldview together with all of the most gorgeous creators ever.

For space travel

“Will the day come when I can go to space in my lifetime?”

News has been announced that civilians will travel to space in 2021, but rumors say the cost will be billions of yen. Then a crazy idea came to me.

"Can we travel to space in the bathroom?"
The project started with the approval of Mr. Sorayama, who admired the work. A floating fragrance that makes you feel weightless in a metallic bottle as a metaphor for a spaceship. We have named the experience of being released from everyday life in the bathroom and feeling as if your sensibilities are flying into outer space "space travel incense".

It washes away even fatigue and anxiety, and makes your mind and body feel lighter.
Wearing a faint scent will make you feel positive.
It would be my greatest happiness if the people who use it enjoy “Space Travel Incense”.

Naoko Sasagawa

Representative of Queen Co., Ltd. Since 2005, while planning and selling the natural hair care brand “uruotte,” she is an art collector who has been collecting contemporary art since the 1980s.

Born in 1968. 1989 Graduated from Yamawaki Gakuen Junior College and joined Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Purchased a work for the first time in the first grade of OL. 2000 Participated in the establishment of Queen Co., Ltd. 2005 Launched hair care brand “uruotte”. 2010 Appointed as CEO of the company. Paintings, photographs, videos, media art, VR, and collections regardless of genre.