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Beauty products that look like art pieces are a collaboration between URUOTTE, who has always taken on challenges to enrich your daily routine, and world-renowned artist Hajime Sorayama.


space travel incense

As far as you want, as freely as you want.
Driven by Sorayama's infinite imagination,
Enjoy a new bathroom experience with a floating scent.


"Create something that doesn't exist in the world"

Hajime Sorayama is a world-renowned artist who has been presenting new values ​​ahead of his time.
“URUOTTE”, which will celebrate its 18th anniversary in 2023, will launch a genderless line that stimulates sensibilities in collaboration with SORAYAMA.


URUOTTE is a genius: a vision of a new horizon seen beyond the gaze of Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama is an artist who uses his overwhelming drawing ability to express his unique view of the world with amazing realism, and continues to produce works that pursue the beauty of the human body and machines.
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A package shaped like a spaceship


A scent that gives you a floating feeling


Highly functional, you can wash your whole body with just one bottle and it has a faint scent.

A gift for your loved ones

Fragrance hair and body soap that invites you to “space travel incense”

uruotte × SORAYAMA