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Cocoon, the scent of a washing fragrance.

It was created by up-and-coming perfumer Cana.

A hard innocence untouched by anything, and a sensuality like smooth human skin. Inspired by Sorayama's work, two layers of fragrance created from two images are layered together to form a cocoon that envelops the bathroom.

The core of this product is the rare essential oil extracted from cypress trees over 50 years old in Kumano Forest, a World Heritage Site, and the highest quality bio-musk.

Unlike other scents that consist of a top coat, middle, last, and triangle, the scents of musk, cedarwood atlas, and cypress spread in a circular orbit.

In addition, ethical white musk with turbidity removed is used in an amount of 10 times or more that is normally assumed. It is a washing fragrance that can be elegantly worn for about 6 hours even after washing off.

be protected and blessed.

Please enjoy the feeling of floating wrapped in a fragrant cocoon.


Cana / perfume