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User Guide

The ordering method depends on the delivery destination.

For delivery to Japan
For delivery to overseas


For delivery to Japan

■ How to order

Orders can be placed on the web.
URUOTTE Online Store :

※ Order from overseas ※
If the cart for international shipping is displayed, please set your browser language to "Japanese" and switch to the cart for Japanese shipping before placing your order.

※ Attention ※

Handling of spoofing and fraudulent orders
In order to prevent malicious acts such as "spoofing" or "fraudulent orders" by using someone else's name, address, or contact information, we may take the following measures.
* We may confirm your order by phone or e-mail after you place an order for a large amount.
* If we are unable to contact you at your registered telephone number or e-mail address to confirm your identity, your order will be cancelled.
* We reserve the right to refuse an order depending on the status of past transactions.


■ Shipping charges

Free shipping for orders over 11,000 yen
Orders less than 11,000 yen will be charged 1,000 yen for home delivery (Yu-Pack).
Orders less than 11,000 yen will be charged 1,000 yen for shipping by courier service (Yu-Pack).


■ Delivery

Orders received by 5:00 p.m. will normally be shipped within 3 business days.
*Shipping may be temporarily halted in the event of incomplete entries or when confirmation is required.

Delivery service (Yu-pack)
*Date and time cannot be specified.
*We will send you an e-mail with the invoice number after shipment.
*Please note that delivery to Hokkaido and Kyushu may take up to 3 days from the time of shipment.
*Delivery to Okinawa and other remote islands may take about 1 week from the time of shipment.


■ Payment

Shopify Payment
Commission : Free of charge
Credit cards (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, DinersClub), Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Amazon Pay
Commission : Free
You can pay by credit card registered in your Amazon account.

Commission : Free
You can pay with the payment method registered in your PayPal account.


■ Issuance of Receipt

A receipt from the credit card company used at the time of payment will serve as proof of receipt of the charges. If you need a receipt that meets the requirements for a qualifying invoice, we will issue a handwritten receipt for you to keep along with your credit card billing statement.

If you would like us to issue a receipt, please send us an email.
Mail :


■ Returns and Exchanges

Only unused and unopened products will be exchanged for defective products. For defective products after opening, please contact us by e-mail:

※ For customers who do not receive our emails※

If you have set up a domain name on your PC or cell phone (e.g., spam mail settings), you may not be able to receive our e-mails.
The e-mail address we will send to you is:


For delivery to overseas

(Order from Japan)
International shipping is not available.

(Order from overseas)
Orders can be placed on the web.
URUOTTE Online Store :

URUOTTE Online Store allows you to request Worldshopping'' to purchase and ship products on your behalf.WorldShopping purchases Japanese products on your behalf and delivers them around the world.

Explore How WorldShopping Purchases and Delivers As Your Agent to know more.

As WorldShopping buys a product on behalf of the customer, we can not accept any changes in the order such as (order cancellation, returns) once an order has been placed with WorldShopping. We request your understanding of the issue and please confirm all the product details before placing the order. For more details, see here.

*If your browser's language setting is "Japanese", the "Worldshopping" screen may not be displayed. If you change the language setting of your browser to "English" or other language, the "Worldshopping" screen will appear.


■ How to order

1.When you access the website from overseas, the “WorldShopping Cart” will be displayed automatically.

2.Add your favorite items to the WorldShopping cart.
Click “Add to Cart” of the WorldShoppinng banner to proceed to buy your favorite items.
The cart will only appear for items that can be purchased from your country.

Explore WorldShopping Guide for More details.


■ Fee

WorldShopping will charge 10% service on the “Total Product Price”*. Once we deliver the product to WorldShopping, you will receive another payment request from WorldShopping containing International Shipping Fee, Handling Fee and Other Fees (If any). See WorldShopping Fees for details.

*Total Product Price=(Product Price + Domestic Shipping Fee in Japan).


■ Q&A

Please click here for more information about WorldShopping's proxy purchase and delivery.
WorldShopping Help:


■ Inquiries

Basically, inquiries to our shop will be handled in Japanese only. Please understand that we cannot respond to inquiries in other languages. You can contact WorldShopping from the following links.

* English: WorldShopping Contact
* Simplified Chinese: WorldShopping Contact
* Traditional Chinese: WorldShopping Contact
* Korean: WorldShopping Contact