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A scent-inspired journey of consciousness in the bathroom


A package shaped like a spaceship

The metallic packaging is inspired by Sorayama's masterpiece "SEXY ROBOT" and is a metaphor for a spaceship. It shines like an art piece in your bathroom. Although it is a daily necessities, it is also an art piece.
Space travel incense begins now from the bathroom.


A scent that gives you a floating feeling

The woody amber scent that spreads through the bathroom along with the steam gives you the feeling of floating weightlessly in outer space.


The incense expresses the feeling of floating, as if you were surrounded by a cocoon and protected.
The core of the fragrance is a rare essential oil extracted from a cypress tree that is over 50 years old in the Kumano Forest, a world heritage site, and a carefully selected top quality ethical bio musk.
By using more than 10 times the amount of white musk compared to regular fragrances, we have created a scent that releases your mind and body from the earth to a weightless space.



Highly functional, you can wash your whole body with just one bottle and it has a faint scent.

It has a thick texture and lathers up even with a small amount.
This one fragrance soap can moisturize your entire body from your hair to your body. It can be used by both genders and provides a delicate fragrance for about 6 hours.
Contains over 98 % plant-based ingredients, which meets Western regulations and significantly reduces water and wastewater usage. This is an ethical item that takes into consideration the burden on the environment.


It's like a washing fragrance