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Article: Hanan / Cana

Hanan / Cana

Fragrance artist Hananami's creations

Coccon's scent was created by up-and-coming perfumer Hanan.
He has been involved in the development of global brand fragrances at one of the world's largest perfume companies and cosmetics companies, and has worked on numerous hit products.
While doing various fragrance works, I also love art because of my aunt who is an oil painter, and I am also energetically working on artist collaboration as a sender.

Inspired by Sorayama's work, "hard innocence that is not affected by anything" and "sensuality like smooth human skin". The scent of Cocoon this time is created from these two images, and the layers of scent are layered to form a cocoon that envelops the bathroom.
The highest quality white musk is blended 10 times more than usual, and a sophisticated fragrance that can be elegantly worn for about 6 hours even after rinsing has been completed.

be protected and blessed.
Please enjoy the feeling of floating wrapped in a fragrant cocoon.

Fragrance and art are my “words”

"When I moved to Fukui when I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, I was shocked by the language and cultural differences, and after that I couldn't speak for about six years.
I want to be different, speak a different language, and find a different way of expressing myself. For me, the medium was art and scent.

When I was in junior high school, I was deeply moved by encountering over 100 kinds of beautiful perfumes at a wonderful long-established cosmetics store called "Perfumery Sukiya" in Ichibancho, Sendai, and memorized the scents of all the products in the store.

When I was in Miyagi Daiichi Girls' High School, which is famous in the region for being a free high school, I belonged to the art club and learned drawing at the Sendai Art Institute.
All I can think about is art and perfume. Since I was in elementary school, I wanted to become a perfumer, so I entered a university in Tokyo and passed the first grade of the Aromatherapy Test in my first year of university.

During his student days, he worked part-time at the legendary perfume shop Earl Eparfum, while conducting research on the antibacterial properties of lavender essential oil in the microbiology research department in science. While working in the Food Functional Chemistry Laboratory and conducting academic research, he attended a perfumery school at night and met Mr. Haruo Wara, a master perfumer.
I learned a lot from Mr. Wara, not only about technique, but also about what it means to be a perfumer.

After graduating, he joined a fragrance company. Take a step forward as a food flavor list.
As an evaluator and perfumer at Givaudan (Givaudan Switzerland) and the perfume development laboratory of a major cosmetics company, I have worked on fragrances for many brands such as perfume, hair care, makeup, and skin care.
Fragrance and ART are my own words. We hope that Cocoon's story reaches you.

Hanan / Cana

In graduate school, he studied analytical research on natural fragrance components, and was taught by a Japanese perfumer who was active in France from the 1960s. A multi-talented perfumer and fragrance artist who has been involved in the development of global brand fragrances at one of the world's largest fragrance and cosmetics companies, and has worked on numerous hits. Influenced by her aunt, who is an oil painter, she loves art and is also working on artist collaborations as a sender. Currently, as a perfumer belonging to a perfume company, he is working on the development of new formulations for domestic and overseas markets.